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In this case, you can get more information here about the possibilities for the approval of examination performances as well as the start in a higher study semester. By using Moodle, you have convenient access to your learning materials at all times.You can also use interactive tools like chats or glossaries, or even review your acquired knowledge with self-assessment tests. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Büro für Chancengerechtigkeit & Gleichstellung, MA Management of Textile Trade and Technology, https://www.hs-niederrhein.de/bewerbung-und-einschreibung/, Management of Textile Trade and Technology. In this way specific deficits should be identified, competencies should be strengthened and further targeted learning opportunities provided. In particular, this degree programme aims to combine design and technology in equal parts. in Textile Engineering, Wet Processing Technology Experience Schwarz Gruppe July 2014 - Present HS Niederrhein, Germany … Structured, non-wettable surfaces are used for various applications, for example as self-cleaning surfaces. ... actions and behaviors with the help of his/her individual life motives and is able to apply this information both in self-leadership and in the leadership of others. In parallel to the undergraduate studies, the students are going through a training course in an industrial company, especially designed to complement the studies. Enable self-assessment and revision, Develop an atmosphere and social structures that support participation. Because of the actual situation our regularly offered information events will be hold digitally. After an identical basic study, students have the opportunity to determine their own specializations within these tracks. We are pleased that you are interested in a study place at our department. The present invention "Air-Retaining Grids Technology" describes a new possibility for the architecture and construction of surfaces which are able to keep a layer of gas stable even under changing pressure conditions when immersed in liquid. The degree programme leading to a Design Engineering degree encompasses the two core study areas of textiles and fashion. Mocofan A, Ghita R, Lopez V, Nemtanu F (2014) Comparative assessment of traffic control parameters within an UTC-distributed system. Degree awarded: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) The development of an (ODARA-based) actuarial screening version of the Danger Assessment Inventory (DAI): A traumatic diversity-approach and some follow up evidence. The students are able to evaluate their competence with regard to the scientific use of digital media. In terms of eLearning, the Hochschule Niederrhein provides you with the online learning platform Moodle, which guides and supports you during your entire studies at our university. You can also find additional information and video tutorials on http://www.moodle.hsnr.de. The University email is a reliable way of electronic communication. Imparting the same study contents, the first two study semesters are completed part-time (two days a week) in parallel to the training in the company and are, therefore, distributed over a total of four semesters. However, establishing coding guidelines is You would like to have good career opportunities after a successful graduation? 2.3. Find out more about further education offers for the textile and clothing industry on the website of the "Textile and Fashion Institute MG". In order to gain admission to this course a prior aptitude test must be passed. Students from 50 nations convey an international flair. You will find further information regarding entry requirements, application procedures, numerus clausus (NC) and other formalities via our central Study Advisory Service. Corresponding Author. Zur Seitennavigation oder mit Tastenkombination für den accesskey-Taste und Taste 1 Zum Seiteninhalt oder mit Tastenkombination für den accesskey und Taste 2 ... Materiality reports provide a CSR self‐assessment and a new source for comparing CSR topics over time. In addition to the lectures and seminars, you will learn practical work in numerous laboratories and pilot plants. In retrospect, we think that the majority of the stu- Our specialist advisor will provide you with information on subject-specific topics, if needed. Assessment is an essential element of social work practice. Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Germany sebastian.krings@hs-niederrhein.de The importance of coding guidelines is generally accepted throughout developers of every program-ming language. The Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences helps you with choosing the right study programme through the HN Navigator. Study Selection, Data Extraction and Risk of Bias Assessment Two independent reviewers (L.D. With a completed degree in Textile and Clothing Technology, exciting perspectives in numerous fields of activity in the textile and clothing industry open up for you. The Process Department at Hochschule Niederrhein on Academia.edu See the uniRank degree levels and areas of study matrix below for further details. Because of the pandemic prevention unfortunately we cannot offer the "information events". Mönchengladbach: Schriftenreihe FB Sozialwesen HS Niederrhein. The mutual influence of practical contents from in-company training on the one hand and the theoretically and scientifically oriented study on the other hand allows for both an unmatched practical orientation and a broad, practicable basic knowledge. and S.E.) In addition, the HN Navigator provides the opportunity to test yourself in a self-assessment with study-related tasks and case studies. Fengler, J., & Winkel, F.-W. (2014). However, ... government and their own professional self-conception (Staub-Bernasconi, 2009) need to balance. The remaining study period is completed in full-time study. The Department of Textile and Clothing Technology successfully cooperates in the field of research and development with the Research Institute for Textile and Clothing of the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences (FTB), the Public Testing Laboratory (ÖP) and industrial partners. In addition, the HN Navigator provides the opportunity to test yourself in a self-assessment with study-related tasks and case studies. Both fields of study can also be completed in cooperation with a company. Search for more papers by this author. J Transp Eng 140(3):05013003. doi: 10.1061/(ASCE)TE.1943-5436.0000634 CrossRef Google Scholar Email: stefan.zeisel@hs‐niederrhein.de. Please note that you only have 8 days to enroll after receiving confirmation of your place from the Hochschule Niederrhein. Hochschule Niederrhein In this study course students learn to think in an analytical and interconnected way, thereby being able to approach complex problems systematically. Design engineers therefore combine construction and design competence. International Coordinator Methodology and Didactics of Consumer Counselling and Education, Nutritional and Dietary Counselling. Menü. Special fields of study: Communication Design,Product Design,Spatial and Environment Design Special form of study: Vollzeitstudium Please note: Subject-specific online student advisory services and self-assessment: www.hn-navigator.de Standard Time to Degree: 7 Semester Language of Intstruction: German In this course, the students acquire an overarching knowledge about textile and clothing technology as well as management practice. The programme is offered completely in English. You can join or organize Zoom meetings via https://hs-niederrhein.zoom.us. Room: Q 406; Phone: +49 (0)2161 186-5396 peter.kronsbein(at)hs-niederrhein… In terms of eLearning, the Hochschule Niederrhein provides you with the online learning platform Moodle, which guides and supports you during your entire studies at our university. Please note that you only have 8 days to enroll after receiving confirmation of your place from the Hochschule Niederrhein. The goal is to promote analytical and networked thinking in order to prepare students for the challenges of a globalized world. As an inter-regional training institute, the Textile and Fashion Institute Mönchengladbach offers training courses, seminars, workshops and discussion sessions on relevant topics, tailored to the specific needs of employees in the textile and clothing industry and neighboring industrial areas. QIS, LSF und HISinOne sind Produkte der - HS Niederrhein - eG - HS Niederrhein - eG E-mail address: stefan.zeisel@hs‐niederrhein.de. This combination provides the graduates with a broad basic knowledge, which is the ideal preparation for meeting the requirements of an innovative and global textile and clothing industry. The first students were taken in for the Diploma in Social Work and Social Pedagogics in 1971, and over the following years, the faculty has taken a leading role in developing social work education and the social work profession in North Rhine Westphalia (and in wider Germany). In the wake of increasing internationalization and shifting textile markets, a growing number of graduates with fluent English skills and interface competencies is in demand. A worldwide network of cooperation with partner universities and international companies will prepare you for our global industry. Analysis of Na, K, Ca and Mg in mineral water using Flame AAS and Microsampling technique UWE OPPERMANN1, JAN KNOOP1, JÜRGEN SCHRAM2 1 Shimadzu Europa GmbH, Albert- Hahn- … Our Master's programs Textile Products and the English-language Master's program Management of Textile Trade and Technology. The email can be used via webmailer or any email client. You already studied at another university in Germany or abroad? Graduates of this study course are able to control and monitor processes of the textile chain. ... Moodle by HS Niederrhein Adobe Connect Or other platform selected by participants Skype Whatsapp Microsoft Teams. Login with your university account. The Bachelor's programme is organized in a practical manner and provides important basic knowledge and skills in the fields of natural sciences and economics within the first semesters. You are hoping for an international study environment with creative flair? Students are committed to use this email when communicating with Hochschule Niederrhein and to check for new emails at least once a week. In order for a product to successfully enter the market, a multidisciplinary knowledge is needed during the development process. Abstract This paper investigates how an urban masterplan can be used to catalyse civic and entrepreneurial engagement to trigger a broad resurgence process within a … In regards to the Bachelor's degree course, it is possible to obtain the exclusive German-Chinese double degree in "International Textile and Clothing Management" in cooperation with the Tiangong University, PRC China. identified relevant studies by analyzing the records using a self-made Excel template which considered the predefined eligibility criteria. By using Moodle, you have convenient access to your learning materials at all times.You can also use interactive tools like chats or glossaries, or even review your acquired knowledge with self-assessment tests. If this deadline has passed, please contact the Application Support Center: Mail: bewerbungsinfo(at)hs-niederrhein.de Phone: 02151 822 2288 von 9 - 16 Uhr. The Master's degree program “Textile Products“ is divided into the areas of textiles, clothing and design. If this deadline has passed, please contact the Application Support Center: Mail: bewerbungsinfo(at)hs-niederrhein.de Phone: 02151 822 2288 von 9 - 16 Uhr Naturally, Prolog makes no exception. Degree awarded: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) The dual study course is an ideal preparation for the demands on an engineer in the professional world. Graduates of this study course can work in leadership positions in textile and clothing companies worldwide. Following, ... Uni Düsseldorf & HS Niederrhein V. Thurner, O. Radfelder, K. Vosseberg (Hrsg. If you are having questions concerning Zoom, check out the information provided on our german site, the official zoom support site or send an e-mail to zoom-support(at)hs-niederrhein.de. University of Applied Sciences HS Niederrhein thomas.meuser@hs-niederrhein.de • Strukturen und Stand des Programms in Deutschland stabil • IT-Bildungsnetz weiterhin Lead-ASC in Deutschland • Carsten und Tobias teilen sich die AAM -Aufgabe • Hochschule Niederrhein betreut 55 Akademien • ASC ist First_Point_of_Contact für Supportanfragen Use the HN Navigator to get details about study contents and study structures as well as career prospects. Study in Germany › Faculties › Medical science and health care › Health care › Pflege (Teilzeit) › HS Niederrhein The engineering part of the study is constituted by training in the construction of industrially, technically manufactured products. The students are involved in ongoing research projects and can approach complex questions at the research institute of the university. Please look here for actual information. The Master's degree programme is divided into the two fields of study: Trade and Retail and Technical Textiles. Salaries, reviews and more - all posted by employees working at Hochschule Niederrhein. The dual study combines practice and theoretical knowledge in a unique way. Stefan Zeisel. Detailled information you find in the following document. https://www.hs-niederrhein.de/pandemievorbeugung/. The study course Textile and Clothing Technology includes textile and clothing technology as two fields of study. You would like to do something with clothing or textiles? See what employees say about what it's like to work at Hochschule Niederrhein. Use the HN Navigator to get details about study contents and study structures as well as career prospects. " is a self-contained and formal structured learning experience that features learning outcomes, credits and forms of assessment. An FAQ is provided here. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Büro für Chancengerechtigkeit & Gleichstellung, Digital Code of Conduct for digital teaching at the Hochschule Niederrhein. Abu Saleh Cologne Area, Germany Textile Quality Management at Schwarz Gruppe Textiles Education Hochschule Niederrhein 2011 — 2013 Master's degree, Management of Textile Trade & Technology Southeast University (BD) 2006 — 2010 Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Hochschule Niederrhein Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Mönchengladbach, Germany. ): SEUH 2019 88. that might arise when implementing model checking algorithms. The Faculty of Applied Social Sciences looks back on 40 years of educational work and research. Assessment methods and criteria. During the semester, you are always welcome to visit our Moodle Workshops in Krefeld or Mönchengladbach. 2.6K likes. Uwe Oppermann currently works at the Analytical Business Department, Shimadzu Europa GmbH, Duisburg, Germany. Jürgen SCHRAM of University Hochschule Niederrhein ... Frankenring 20, D- 47798 Krefeld, schram@hs-niederrhein.de Food is ... of issues requiring comprehensive assessment of … Building on the competences acquired in the Bachelor's degree programme, students of the English-taught study course Management of Textile Trade and Technology work on project topics in teams and deal with relevant issues from the industry. Depending on the chosen core study area, the focus is either on personnel and financial management, on supply chain management or on international trade, as well as on special textile technologies. First, all items Hochschule Niederrhein (HS Niederrhein) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees, master degrees in several areas of study. 2003). Often proxy measures have been used for underlying disease prevalence, for example, death rates from the related disease (Laditka, Laditka, and Probst 2005), self-reported presence of a disease (Ansari, Laditka, and Laditka 2006), or a mixed measure of demand for health services, consisting of adjustment by age, sex, severity of illness, and socioeconomic measures (Ansari et al. All students receive a personal email address at the domain "stud.hn.de". process of self-assessment is strengthened by the students. Examples of educational components are: a course, module, seminar, laboratory work, practical work, preparation/research for a thesis, mobility window or free electives. The term Design is defined as conscious shaping or arrangement. The degree programme Textile and Clothing Management is specifically tailored to the needs of the international textile and clothing sector. Then we have some interesting bachelor's and master's programs on offer for you: Our bachelor's degree programs Textile and Clothing Technology, Design Engineer and our English-language degree program Textile and Clothing Management. In addition to financial independence, this ensures a high practical relevance. Special fields of study: Fashion,Textiles Special form of study: Vollzeitstudium Please note: 20-week practical semester or semester abroad in the sixth semester Subject-specific online student advisory services and self-assessment: www.hn-navigator.de This combination of professional training and study is appreciated and respected worldwide. Click here to go to the online application with all further information on the allocation of study places, application deadlines and the enrollment procedure. At the beginning of each semester, we will provide an introduction to Moodle for first semester students: You will get to know the learning environment itself and, of course, how to get access.

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