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Once it climbs out of the trees, you’ll find magnificent views of the DraÅ¡ki vrh walls on the left. As said, on the upper plateaus fog can be dangerous. Slovenia’s highest peak, Mount Triglav (2864m), is the most venerated mountain in the country. 1:25.000. After the water source we must continue ascending the scree slopes some 50 more meters, after which we reach another branching. The Prag route is the standard ascent going from the Vrata Valley to the Krederica Hut. Check In Orientation: The route is well marked (red "Knafeljc" marks). A helmet is always welcome and for less experienced hikers and children consider taking for them ferrata sets (also for the ascent on Triglav). The path winds up in several turns, we are all the time climbing over some more or less steep rock steps, the rest are steep slopes, overgrown by pine bushes and grass. You’ll pass picturesque pastures, dotted with tiny wooden cottages and lush pink flowers, hilly landscapes, and sharp rock ridges. After two hours of hiking, the path reaches the Black Lake (1294m), then steeply goes up to the beginning of the Seven Lakes Valley. The most difficult part is somewhere in the middle, a 15-metre, almost vertical climb. Once you arrive at the Krederica Hut, you’ll encounter the first via ferrata section (as described at point 1). For example, theAconcagua mountain page has the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits' asparents and is a parent itself to many routes, photos, and Trip Reports. It is considered a bit easier of the two (the other one is Tominšek Route), but the difference is not big. I tracked down the hut manager and, The final summit climb was similar to the bit up Mali Triglav. Because of this, it’s the most popular route toward Triglav, even during the winter months. Triglav’s North Face is among the biggest in all the Eastern Alps. You’ll also glimpse the Vrata Valley and the Triglav North Face dropping vertically. In the upper section, the Prag route continues across scree fields and karstic terrain, with the remains of the Triglav Glacier. It stretches from the imposing wall of Komarča above Lake Bohinj to the high pastures and glacial lakes very close to Triglav itself. Prag Route ( in Slovenian: "Čez Prag" = "Over the Rock Step") is one of the two normal, marked routes from Vrata valley to Kredarica hut (and from there further on Triglav). There, the Seven Lakes Hut sits right behind the stunning Double Lake (1676m). On the beginning of this crossing you will also notice week paths deterring right of the marked path. We first keep right and over a ravine, then steeply up again. © 2006-2020 The route starts in the alpine pasture of Planina Blato (1147m), above Lake Bohinj. Tominšek Route ( in Slovenian: "Tominškova pot") is one of the two normal, marked routes from Vrata valley to Kredarica hut (and from there further on Triglav). Best Triglav National Park hiking routes. While famous for its seven lakes, it’s easy to hike and maybe the most family-friendly mountain trail in Slovenia. It eventually turns toward the summit and reaches the high-altitude plateau where the Krederica Hut (2515m) is perched. On the Prag Route even more so, because the route is very frequented and not every hiker is taking care not to trigger loose rocks. The German climbing route offers a few alternatives. This section is safely secured over the precipitous parts and even has footholds carved into the stone. A true blessing in these barren rock slopes! On the junction, near the Triglavska Bistrica creek, where Cez Prag trail turns left you continue straight up the valley. How to climb Mt Triglav. The wall is below us. It’s even possible to do Triglav as a day-trip but you need to be in top physical condition with good weather to support your ambitious plans. This article describes a mountain ascent via Tominšek Route and a descent via Prag Route. From there there’s a final 2-hour long climb to reach Triglav’s summit (same route as described at point 1). This route is one of the fastest to the top of Triglav as you can relatively easy reach the Pokljuka Plateau by car from Bohinj Lake. The TominÅ¡ek and Čez Prag routes are the most popular ones, while Bamberg is the most difficult and technical one. The path crosses it up and towards right, reaching below the last, again a bit higher rock step. This section is protected by iron pegs providing extra handholds. Even if the route ascends over the north oriented face, in normal seasons snow rests mostly disappear till mid summer. However, it’s used also for descending as it’s the easiest one among the other via ferratas on the Wall. All of the trails on the North Face start from the end of the Vrata Valley, near the Aljažev Dom Hut (1015m). Check out this photo story from the remarkable Julian Alps. Our trip will actually 'surround' the Triglav North Face - we will ascend along its right side along the toughest secured climbing route (via ferrata) that leads to Triglav, and descend on its left side along the classic route past Kredarica hut and 'Čez Prag' back to Vrata valley. After engaging the valley along the wall of Rž, it turns right on a rounded ridge leading to the Krederica Hut (2515m). Triglav via Ferrata Bamberger. The route crosses the Triglav North Face on its left side. The first one is at the monument to fallen partisans-mountaineers (a huge peg), where the Tominšek route is forking left. Finally, when we already came from Triglav's wall into the wall of Begunjski vrh, also our marked path turns up again. There are more than 20 routes that you can choose from to reach the top of this mighty and … The Bamberg’s route is the toughest secured via ferrata that leads to Triglav. Whatever route you choose, all of them include the final one-hour-and-a-half section of via ferrata that reaches the summit. Discover our hand-picked adventure to climb Mount Triglav and other hiking trips in the beautiful Slovenian Alps. A Triglav nemycsak egy hegy, a Triglav egy királyság - irta Julius Kugy, híres Júliai Alpok felfedezõ, Aus dem Leben eines Bergsteiger címû könyvében az I. Világháború után. The whole region around Triglav encompasses the only national park in Slovenia – named after the symbolic mountain Triglav (meaning ‘three-headed’). Across a small ravine and by the other side you are soon over this first rock step. Above the step we are on some 1950 m, on the bottom of long scree slopes. A true mountain experience for experienced mountaineers! There are a variety of routes to the top, some are relatively easy whilst other as more challenging, involve climbing and demand experience. Once on the cables we are climbing an exposed, but well protected via ferrata till we join with Prag route an hour bellow Triglavski dom. Typically it's recommended as a descent route.History. Map to recommend: Julijske Alpe - Triglav. Exposition: Some places are exposed and so not appropriate for people suffering from vertigo. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The path keeps closely to the vertical walls and soon reaches Begunjski studenec. A classic loop starts in the Vrata Valley, ascends the exposed and cabled Tominskova Pot trail, and descends the less exposed Prag route. Both of them include via ferrata passages, equipped with steel cables and ladders. It also allows a quick safe retreat if needed. --climbwild Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls. The best time to climb the summit starts from the beginning of July until mid-October. With the Prag rock, called also Medvedova skala (Bear's Rock) the story goes that it was named by a big bear who felt to its death over it, fleeing from Trenta (of course!) When reaching again the steep slopes of Begunjski vrh, it turns up, joins the Tominšek path and finally attacks the soft scree field. After three hours of hike, you’ll reach the Vodnik Dom Hut (1817m). From there, we’ll take the Prag Route and hike for almost 2 hours to the foot of Triglav’s north face. Overall a long and very scenic ascent, on which you closely touch the Triglav North Wall. However also this short ferrata section is graded only B. The route crosses the Triglav North Face on its left side. This is the most technical and exposed part of the hike. That said – you’re not a true Slovenian if you don’t climb Triglav at least once in your life. Der Weg ist mit viel Gehgelände gespickt und weist nur drei versicherte Passagen auf. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 73. However the ascent Čez Prag is some 30 minutes longer than by Tominšek Route and a bit less attractive. There some strength is needed in arms and you should not be vertigous. This can include 'βeta' which is crucial information about the route which may be how to do a move, or tips about hidden holds or gear. The route traverses a mixed terrain of meadows and rocks with a chain of seven glacial lakes. From the plateau that stands at the foot of Triglav, there are two options to climb the summit. Well, you’re in the right place. Our route to Kredarica hut forks right (the left path goes to Stanič hut). Before entering the rocks of the Prag Route, three branchings are important. Lying majestically in the heart of the Julian Alps, Mount Triglav is both technical and physically demanding, but oh so worth it…, hiking trips in the beautiful Slovenian Alps, The Best Winter Hiking Boots: What to Look for When Buying, 8 of the Best Books to Gift the Adventurer in Your Life, The Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide 2020. This year more than any, it’s important to get all that…. Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia (2863m/9395ft). The path simply follows a broad ledge, overgrown with grass and pine bushes. It is considered a bit easier of the two (the other one is Tominšek Route), but the difference is not big. The crux is Medvedova skala, some good 15 m high, almost vertical rock wall. Two-Day Triglav, Prag Route. Be careful not to miss it. quick tips to consider as you begin planning your Triglav … The route first ascends directly up the broad ridge facing the hut, then makes an ascending traverse on its left side. Rome2rio displays up to date schedules, route maps, journey times and estimated fares from relevant transport operators, ensuring you can make an informed decision about which option will suit you best. Cilj: Triglav (2864 m) Ime poti: čez Prag Čas hoje: 6 h 10 min Zahtevnost: zelo zahtevna označena pot Zahtevnost smučanja: zelo zahtevno Višinska razlika: 1849 m Višinska razlika po poti: 1860 m Zemljevid: Triglav 1:25.000 Priporočena oprema (poletje): čelada, komplet za samovarovanje Priporočena oprema (zima): čelada, komplet za samovarovanje, cepin, dereze It is a bit more demanding than the other route (Prag Route), but the difference is not big. Altitude to overcome: cca 1550 m (1900 m). Triglav looks the most impressive from here, as from Aljazev dom you see the whole North face and the summit almost 2000 meters above you. In both cases, the final ridge to the summit is very narrow, but well secured with cables, and the slopes drop vertically on both sides. Plotted with the route planner. You cross the creek, ascend by a short slope on the other side and you are at the entry, some 1200 m. The first rocks are crumbly, not very steep and a bit unpleasant. From there, the trail ascends the challenging Studorski Preval Ridge (1870m), then crosses the slopes of Tosc Mountain. Climbing Triglav usually takes two days. The route via the Dom Kredarica Hut (2515m) is longer and more technical, or you can try the slightly easier trail via the Dom Planika Hut (2401m). Slovenia’s highest peak, Mount Triglav (2864m), is the most venerated mountain in the country. The other option is taking the North Ridge of Triglav. Get weekly inspiration, positive stories, exclusive community Here’s a list of several approach routes to climb Triglav that differ by distance, ascent, and technical complexity. However Tominšek Route is some 30 minutes shorter than Prag Route and more attractive. The most difficult part is somewhere in the middle, a 15-metre, almost vertical climb. invites and other weird and wonderful stuff. A good head is needed to enjoy this ascent. Tour start: End of the road in Vrata valley, 1010 m. Big, parking place there (3.5 EUR in 2015). Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Triglav / Aljažev dom v Vratih - Triglav (Tominšek route) Starting point: Aljažev dom v Vratih (1015 m) Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.4128°N 13.8466°E Prag Route ( in Slovenian: "Čez Prag" = "Over the Rock Step") is one of the two normal, marked routes from Vrata valley to Kredarica hut (and from there further on Triglav). The smoothest, almost vertical rock is Bear's Rock, over which good protection devices (many pegs, cables) help us. It’s called the ‘Wall’ due to its huge 1000-metre high and 3000-metre wide limestone wall. The terrain continues its steep ascent but the views over the Trenta Valley are magnificent. The Prag Route, arguably the easiest route crossing the Triglav North Face, and as such appropriate for intermediate-and-up hikers (or beginners with a mountain guide), traverses the remarkable kingdom of the legendary Goldhorn, a white chamois with golden horns that had supposedly chased away everyone upon intruding into his territory. After passing the Big Lake (1831m), the trail overcomes small limestone steps and reaches the shallow Green Lake (1988m). Objective dangers: In Julian Alps walls the danger of rockfall is always present. Just above is mighty Triglav’s north face. Gear: Good shoes and poles are sufficient. We continue straight and so also a few minutes later, when in the woods the path on Kriški podi (through Sovatna valley) is forking right. The path was built already in the 19th century by the German Alpine club. The Triglav Lodge at Kredarica (Slovene: Triglavski dom na Kredarici) (2,515 m) is the highest mountain hut in Slovenia and the highest meteorological station in the country. You’ll glimpse Triglav for the first time after crossing the Cez Hribarice Pass (2358m), where you’ll reach the Dolicu Hut (2151m) – a good place for a well-deserved rest before summitting Triglav the following morning. There are three via ferratas leading towards Triglav from Vrata valley. There soon the steepest parts come. Next good one hour we shall be ascending over a rugged, slanted rock desert, where we still see the remains of the Triglav Glacier. Considered a national symbol, the summit appears on the country’s flag and coat of arms. UKClimbing guide to Triglav crag (Tolmin) Babika's gallery … From the saddle, the majority of hikers goes first left to the nerby hut, but we can also save those few minutes if we continue the same day on the summit of Triglav. You can choose among via ferratas of all technical difficulties, all of them going up towards the summit. Alternatively, there’s the standard way that goes via the Planika Hut (2 hours) over bare rocky slopes secured with fixed cables and pegs. However, it’s the longest way to ascend Triglav and the best way to hike it is to sleep in one or two huts along the way. Although one of the longest routes to Krederica Hut, the Krma Valley, in Triglav National Park, is the easiest one and has no steep climbs or technical difficulties. The hiking trail starts from a parking spot which can be reached on a 2km tree-laden road from Kovinarska Koča Hut (870m), situated down in the Krma Valley. Post navigation. The route passes a shepherd hut in a pasture at the end of the valley (1580m), then reaches the foot of Rž Mount. All Rights Reserved. So you come out of the high woods, where close to the sources of Bistrica there's another crossroads. However, Triglav offers several approach routes that differ by total distance, ascent and technical complexity. Not much altitude is gained there, but the views across Vrata valley are more and more beautiful. "And I've got the sunburn to prove it!" Also, they don't necessarily share the same parent. To avoid unpleasant scree slopes (they are however wonderful in the descent! The Wall encompasses the hardest routes that climb to the top Mount Triglav. It follows old hunters passages. On the right is the summit of Triglav and we must reach the saddle between it and the Kredarica ridge. Three different routes lead towards Triglav from Vrata: Tominskova Pot, Pot Cez Prag and Bambergova Pot. Those are being used by climbers who enter the rocks of various variants of The Slovenian Route (easy climbing over the North Wall of Triglav). The ascent involves 2,000 meters of altitude change that must be achieved in only one strenuous journey. After executing six different hiking trips in the Alps, I decided it’s time to climb the highest mountain in the Julian Alps, Triglav with its 2864 meters.The mountain lies in the heart of the Julian Alps and is very popular but fairly technically challenging. Above, the path does some crossing again and finally ascends up, reaching a small scree field in the middle of the walls. From there, the footpath will meet the classic route that goes up to the summit from Planika Hut (described at point 1). This video shows you what to expect when climbing Triglav in the Julian Alps of Slovenia. 2.5 hours). The Prag route is the standard ascent going from the Vrata Valley to the Krederica Hut. Then it continues more steeply up. It’s the longest, the most difficult, and steepest wild route. The route climbs back onto the main ridge and crosses over the Mali Triglav (Little Triglav). (1). From the place called Sfinga (well known among Alpinists), the via ferrata leaves the narrow and exposed ridge and leads to the karstic plateau lying at the foot of Mount Triglav. This is one of the most scenic multi-day routes in the Julian Alps, integrating a quick ascent to Triglav summit. It mostly avoids the remaining snow fields, winds left and right by broad gravely banks, left over by the glacier, aiming slightly towards the south west. However, it’s used also for descending as it’s the easiest one among the other via ferratas on the Wall. According to Mitja, “on a scale of 1 to 5 level of endurance, you need to have 5″. It overcomes a few almost vertical and extremely exposed passages, through a labyrinth of narrow glens and abrupt rock cliffs. Triglav Routes : : Climbing, hiking, mountaineering. Route: Tomasinki Prag Route (aka Cez Prag) (VF3A) Camera used: samsung SM-G920F Date taken: 4th September 2019. So we will climb to the top of Triglav exactly in this direction. However, in the upper finishing section, almost all of them have the character of ferrates. Igaza volt, hisz a Szlovén szent hegy, az ország legmagasabb csúcsának sziluettje büszke jelképként áll a nemzeti lobogón. The North Face of Triglav, the Stena, at 1200m is one of the highest vertical walls in the Alps. Thinking about climbing Mount Triglav? Prag route from across the valley of Vrata, Images (8), Climber's Log Entries Vrata are the valley on the North side of the mountain. After exiting the wall on good 1900 m, first unpleasant scree slopes are awaiting us, then in the last section the ascent goes over a slanted, high karst plateau, where once the Triglav Glacier was lying. More exposed than the Prag route but wide enough to walk along comfortably. The easiest one and the most commonly climbed is Prag route. About Triglav Trail. Die Schlüsselstelle befindet sich im oberen Teil des Steiges, der über „Prag“ (Schwelle), eine etwa 15 m hohe, gut mit Trittstiften und Drahtseil gesicherte Wand, führt. Related objects are relevant to each other in some way, but they don't form a parent/child relationship. Find Accommodation. There you meet the first protection devices and experience loose rocks. Towards the top of Mount Triglav leads several routes from different valleys. Cancel Unsubscribe. Don't be intimidated by the Slovenian grading (zelo zahtevna pot = very demanding path). On the Swiss Hiking Scale its difficulty would be graded T4. This one is very crumbly and the narrow path, even if it's secured, again requires some additional attention. Over the wall you should have no orientation issues, however higher, on the plateau below the glacier, be careful to follow the marks. From the Dolicu Hut, there’s a direct route that climbs up to Triglav over scree slopes and the final narrow ridge to the top (approx. A few other rock steps are easier. There are two climbing routes that allow you to climb Triglav in one day: From Krma Valley. There you go left, by a more frequented path (while the right one goes on Luknja pass). Triglav over its North Face, Prag Route Exploring Slovenia. Der Prag-Weg ist der Normalweg von Norden und somit der leichteste Anstieg auf den Triglav. All of them are tough and long secured climbing routes … ), the path now turns left, follwing the edge of the walls towards the east. From here, the classic route climbs to summit Triglav (described at point 1). There the path is weak and there is no distinct landscape feature to help with orientation in poor visibility. From Aljazev Dom hut we follow the same path like going to Cez Prag trail. There the long, flat crossing towards the left starts. Highest point: 2515 m (Kredarica hut) or 2864 m (Triglav summit). Difficulty: It's a hiking tour, with many places protected by steel cables and pegs. hunters.After a majestic approach we enter the huge Triglav wall, but the path soon does a long crossing and only then climbs over a few steep rocky steps. From Vrata Valley. Loading... Unsubscribe from Exploring Slovenia? Most of the routes go via a mountain hut at the foot of Triglav on the first day (6-8h), followed by an early start on day two where you will summit and descend (6-8h), either back the way you came or via an alternative route. But certainly, the hardest and only real Ferrata is the Bamberger Route. Route map for 'Triglav - Pot Cez Prag' - a 8.7km walking route near Mojstrana, SI. At the beginning, the path goes gently up through a peaceful forest. Feedback comments are intended to give extra information about a route which may be helpful to other climbers. After reaching the Luknja Pass, the trail turns sharply left and snakes its way up on the right corner of the Wall. NORTHERN APPROACH from Vrata valley * By the TOMINŠEK ROUTE ( Tominškova pot ) This is one of the most interesting marked routes to Triglav, boldly laid out and well secured. If you are thinking about ascending Slovenian highest mountain, Mt Triglav (2864 m), you are probably wondering which route to take. In the rest of the main ascent it uses ledges, steep, rugged slopes and some screes. The path first crosses the lower part of the plateau, called Kotel (=cauldron). Best season: Summer months, normally from July till October (or first snow). In the SW direction you continue by the valley, the creek of Bistrica is close on your left. These are the most difficult climbing sections of this route. There are plenty of longer routes in the Julian Alps, though, which incorporate the Triglav summit into a multi-day hut to hut trek. From the parking place you go a few minutes to Aljažev dom (hut) and then further up by the nice valley. Find all the transport options for your trip from Prague to Triglav National Park right here. After passing the mountain pasture of Planina Konjscica, the path reaches a plateau overlooking the surrounding 2000-metre high mountains.

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