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what is more control oriented: the head speed pro 360+ or the gravity tour 360+. The Tour is much less stable e comfortble then the Pro or just a little bit…, In Brazil is very difficult to find a The DR 98 is a bit crisper and slightly more powerful, while the Gravity line, in general, is more controlled. But i quite not like them and also not comfortable with them. If possible also how does the new v7 blade 16×19 compare also. I really liked the pro version, because it was so stable i felt that i cant fail. But I won’t use a saw! Hi tennisnerd, after your review i had to test the gravity line. I’m changed too many. Stringing up the Head Gravity MP was a breeze; I opted for an “Around The World” (ATW) method. I like to hit ground strokes hard and flat but I also play with a lot of spin. What tension would you recommend, Jonas? Can’t wait to string it with Luxilon ace 112.. I am very close to purchasing the Dunlop CX 200 Tour 18×20, but am intrigued by the Gravity Pro as a lover of old Head frames. Can I have your advice. The naming of racquets is never easy and it is hard to explain what makes a “Pro” racquet and what makes a “Tour” racquet but in lack of better words, it has just become standard in the racquet industry. The more speed you hit with, the more you lose control, but the Gravity Tour starts from such a place of great control that it’s not such a problem. Hi Jonas! We all found the Gravity Tour worked well for us, but there will be some players it doesn’t work for. Not sure what the plus stands for, but since these racquets feel less hollow and more comfortable than the Graphene 360, I think it might be some kind of foam filling or other dampening material inside the frame. The Pro, which Alexander Zverev endorses, is my personal favorite of the Gravity line so far, but all the ones I’ve tested have been very good racquets. Compare. I get better plow-through and feel with the Pro, but the Tour is easier to use. More control, higher swing weight, more plow-through, thinner beam, a bit tougher to swing unless you are an advanced player. It seems like Head has the answer to this though, with the Gravity rackets. Cheers / J. PS. The racquet now weighs 352 grams. Pro or Tour? Could you please tell me how the Gravity Pro compares? But my fave is currently the Tour! Hi Jonas, I am considering to change to Gravity Tour from Angell V3 TC100. From the baseline it’s great with stability. I liked that one a lot, but 295 grams unstrung, even with a close to even balance, is usually not my cup of tea. I only have one question after reading about pro and tour racquets. Now HEAD has given us one more Gravity to choose from this holiday season; the Gravity Tour. “The Gravity Pro is 10g lighter than the Tour, coming in at 305g unstrung…” which one give better feel ? If that fails, then the Gravity Tour could be a good fit though. It depends on what you are looking for in your game. The new HEAD Gravity racquets should be a success for the company and for the players using these racquets. Gravity PRO . Score. I need your help. Would like to try an 18×20 and this looks good! So I’m looking for a reliable racket that can be a useful tool to reach my target. How does the pro compare with the graphene 360 speed pro. If you want, control, feel, maneuverability, and comfort then this is a racket you need to look at. Head Radical Pro Review. When I went for my most ambitious shots I wanted the extra weight of the Gravity Pro and that reflects in my scores for the two rackets. Yeah, it was just an altogether nice experience to play with. Don’t get me wrong, this racket is still very much control-oriented, but it just gives you a little bit more oomph than the Pro. Ive had many Head racquets in the past. I came in a bit skeptical, but in the end, this is exactly what I wanted to see from HEAD, a players racquet that is not just a remake of older Prestiges but also takes into account the demand for a bigger sweet spot and more top-spin. Buy the HEAD Gravity MP. Great review as ever! and which one would you recommend for an advanced junior player? The Head Gravity Pro/Tour tennis racquet comes with a flip design and a teardrop-shaped head which effectively enlarges the sweet spot. curently i’m playing Head Graphene 360 Pro, but i’m a bit struggeling with the stability.. These all all on my shortlist but the only one I can’t demo is the Angell. Serving, it’s less powerful than the Pure Strike 18×20, more powerful than Wilson Ultra Tour. The Gravity Tour has a slightly higher ceiling in my opinion but for the majority of players, it’s just going to depend on which weight you feel more comfortable with and which racket suits your style of play better. Thanks for the review (as always – great job) – the one you did for Tecnifibre TF40 305 got me seriously thinking about that racket. The Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro is one of the latest additions to the Head family of tennis racquets that delivers control, stability, and comfort. Is the speed pro more comfortable in terms of swing weight, spin , power etc? It sounds like the Speed Pro has a lot of qualities you like, so see how you can maximize it through the stringing. Kind regards Nikolaus. Great review and nice to see Head finally moving in this direction again. What do you think when comparing both sticks. That being said I usually gravitate between Wilson Prostaf 97 tour (not the countervail), Yonex DR98 (which I sold recently… big mistake) and a Babolat Pure Strike 16/19. Many thanks, Oli. Nice, soft feel on impact while still retaining good power. Alguna novedad??? I could not be happier. Lower static weight, but more weight in the head to compensate. Does it have flexibility, like Wilson Crush 100, where the shaft bends? Could you uncover the mystery ??? They are completely different racquets. go on!!! HEAD Gravity S – great for beginner to intermediates that want a larger head size and a light weight. I find them very sluggish do move around, especially when returning serve on my backhand side. I enjoyed it so I purchased it. This racquet has a lower swing weight but still great feel and spin. The Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour provides a great alternative to the Gravity Pro and is more than capable of competing with its rivals. I have heard different opinions here and design is highly personal, but for me it is fresh and a bit different. I am still playing with though and should perhaps create a finalized review post. If I would choose one of them it would be the Gravity MP. Also, like the Isometric head shape of Yonex racquets, this actually seems to work to enlarge the sweet spot. The Head Radical Pro Paddle includes many of the same features used in the Radical Tour. Compare. Hi German, Yes, I know. Dunlop SX 300 Tour. Required fields are marked *. One word, WOW!!!!! We have replied on the comment you left on Wilson Blade 98 V7. Last, (but not least for some), I want to say that I really like the idea with the neon colors and the green paint on one side and the red on the other. One serve that I found I was hitting particularly well with the Gravity Tour was my leftie slider out wide. Gravity Pro, dopo essere stata incordata con Head Hawk Touch a 21-22 kg di tensione, pesa 326 grammi con bilanciamento a 32,7 centimetri; rigidità sempre bassa (61 Ra.) Hi Cristiano, For aggressive players, the Gravity will give you a bit more precision and feel. Hi, The Prince is faster through the air and a bit more precise, but the Pro offers more margin for error and better stability and power. DS. Lighter than the Gravity Pro, this racquet comes through contact very quickly and maintains a lot of control so you can play with a lot more confidence. It might need a heavy replacement grip to make it more head light. Several report the problem with poor quality control for these frames which also speaks to choosing the Tour version which leaves more room for customizations. Thank you , Hi, I offer a consultation service if you want more detailed help: https://tennisnerd.net/product/consultation-racquet-and-string-advice. Thanks. Please bear in mind that I need a bit more time to make a complete review, but I am already quite confident about these racquets after playing with them for about a month. You can easily play doubles and singles with this racket without having to worry about its performance at the net. Could you see if they are filled with foam ??? The biggest Problem for me was that after 1 hour match time i get a really tired arm and the quality of my game decreased. After doing this HEAD Gravity racquet review I can sincerely say that I am impressed by the performance. That is why I was happy to see the specs of the HEAD Gravity Pro and the HEAD Gravity Tour. Built with Graphene 360+, the Gravity Tour combines the stability and power of Graphene 360 with SpiralFibers in the lower head for a cleaner feel at impact. There will be some big servers out there who want something a bit heavier, but for the majority of us, the Gravity Tour does the job. Thanks for your previous answers to posters regarding the clash. The other sits at 305g, 325mm, 330SW (strung with Lynx). The main thing is getting out there and playing some tennis with them before you commit. For me personally, I’m used to the 18 x 20 string patterns, so it was an easy change to get used to the Gravity Tour. The Gravity is more forgiving, even with TourBite string. Just wondering if you’re planning on following-up your First Impressions review on the Gravity line. What I want from racket is; control and power and my common error is missing the sweet spot and also I want my racket’s head not heavier than the grip. Can you compare Head Speed 360 pro and Gravity 360+ pro? by thetennisbros | Sep 10, 2019 | Head Rackets, Tennis Rackets | 18 comments. How would you compare the Gravity Pro and Prestige MP? It also has a slightly thicker beam, resulting in a tad more power. And talking a about stability e confort between HGravity Pro and Tour? The Gravity Pro is much more difficult to use but more comfortable for the arm. I love the Radical line but would not mind trading a bit of power for more control and feel. Difference between Head Prestige Pro and this Gravity Pro? I have played with Blade v7 16-19 for couple of moths. Und er hat einen dickeren Rahmen, was außerdem zu mehr Power bzw. The Gravity Pro gives you a bigger sweet spot a bit more spin and still a very good feel. The bigger sweetspot(i came from the prestige pro) really help me with my game and the feel is so nice and i have no Problems to swing the stick the hole match. Last year I tried the Head Speed but did not connect to it and did not feel comfortable playing with it. I concur with most points but also think that many of your knocks are easily solvable with some lead tape.

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